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Monday, December 8, 2008

B is for Betterwear

Yeah! I know...I can think of at least 6 Z's, it's Q that will be the problem!!

Well, the enthusiasm of a new blog leads to two posts in one day!! These are by Betterwear, a company that was early on the scene with door-to-door sales of plastic household goods from little catalogues issued every month or so, the company is still going as a franchise, but they haven't given away this type of Premium/Incentive for years. The heyday was the late 50's through to the early 70's.

The first photograph shows the 25mm range, appearing in soft red and cream plastic, these are taken from the much copied/licensed 'World Dancers' and 'National Dress' sets found all over the world, flat and semi-flat, various scales and hard or soft plastic, these are flats. I will do a full article on these figures in the fullness of time...no, I will!! [February 2009 - I did, you'll find it under 'W is also for World Dolls']

Also flats; The Cowboys are closer to 45mm and again turn up in hard plastic as Margarine/Tobacco premiums elsewhere. Bottom right is commonly found damaged so he may be clubbing with a rifle or using a pick? [Clubbing with  rifle...June 2014]

The final photo shows the Betterwear Polystyrene medicine spoon with 54mm civilian in typical 1950's office dress, and the others compared to an Airfix 20mm Cowboy.

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