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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

D is for Diener Industries

These little fellows (well not that little at 50mm) are made of a still uncommon - but becoming more common - material; Silicon Rubber. When I first saw them nestling in the bottom of a large tub of quality crap at a car boot sale I assumed they would be Pencil Toppers, something I also collect, however they have no hole! So they are probably 'Pocket Money' toys or Christmas Cracker novelties.

They are all marked on the back (C) Diener Ind and carry a name on their tummy; Brack (blue); Dard (orange); Zama, the pink one. They may be characters from a cartoon or comic strip, any ideas?

For those who like a little left-field gaming they would make nice adversarys for a 1950's pulp wargame using say...Roco Minitanks and their US Soldiers Combat Group. Diener also do a range of fictional dragons/dinosaurs in a more conventional PVC vinyl rubber and a smaller size/scale.

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