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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

E is for Einco

Classic Hong Kong set, and one of the only sets of its type to be mentioned in the bible of toy soldier collecting; The World Encyclopaedia of Toy Soldiers, by; J.G.Garrat.

Garrat had a problem with plastics and his entries on the subject are sparse, dismissive and inaccurate, however the information he collated on metal (both solid and hollow-cast), composition and 'Nuremberg' flats is unparalleled. If you only had room for ten books on Toy Soldiers, his really should be one of them.

The Einco set is late (probably dating from the late 1970's/early 1980's) with poor quality figures, only two foot poses, easily identified by their 4-stud 'signature' under the base, and a half dozen mounted poses. I covered these in greater detail in One Inch Warrior a few years ago (see Plastic Warrior website for details of back issues).

Below are the accessories, the un-saddled horse went with a nice little high-sided cart, see the top photo and 'click' on it. Palm trees were an abundant sight as the plains Indians awoke each morning!!!! There were also 54mm fencing sections

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