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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

E is for Exin

Exin were a Spanish company who produced toys for the home market in Spain and also carried toys from other countries under their own name. The two toys of interest to toy soldier collectors were Exin Castilos and Exin Wild West, both of which contained 40mm figures. The Wild West are slightly cartoon'ish and will be dealt with another day, today I'm showing the Castilos figures.

The castles were a form of interlocking brick system similar to Lego but larger and with only one row of locating stud, the system allowed for different designs, but lack of flexibility meant you couldn't produce much beyond another variation of a castle (or Wild West building). Sets came in various sizes and all contained a packet of the figures, poses would vary but all sets had at least one ghost from two designs. Larger sets would give you a ghost and witch on broomstick.

Over the years colouring varied from time to time, but as with all out-painted figures, followed a 'menu' which changed very little over the years. I am pretty sure I am missing one pose, as I seem to remember from time to time seeing them on eBay and thinking "Hum, I haven't got that one" but I can't tell you what it is, either a prince on foot, princess mounted or another man-at-arms pose???

Only the crossbowman is in a combative frame of mind, presumably taking a pot-shot at the witch or ghost! The other poses are more every-day or ceremonial, allowing scenarios from fables or fairy tales to be enacted with little sister joining in. These are among my favourite figures, they have a naive charm reminiscent of some of Holger Ericsons work, and shine with the nostalgia of 1950's colouring.

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