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Friday, December 12, 2008

F is for Favourites

I have thousands of favourites, among which is this pressed, litho-printed, tin plate apple tree. I bought it at the Sandown Toy Fair a few years ago, from a dear little old lady who specialised in civilian solid and hollow-cast metal, and had the quality equivalent of a 10p box (everything was a pound!!) which contained some lovely pressed-wood farm animals and this; I had to have it!!!

It's about 55mm high, probably dates from before the war and unusually has the back painted as well as the front, albeit only black. If I could only save ten things from a fire this would be one of them, it's just so charming!!

Don't have a clue who made it, I suspect a German cigarette company but the Americans also produced a fair bit of this type of stuff between the two wars, so it's any one's guess....?

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