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Thursday, December 18, 2008

J is for Jordan

Jordan are a little company who provided scenic enhancers for model railways, or; Railroads, given that they are an American company producing wagons and the like for HO/OO layouts, particularly the Old West period

I am pretty sure that I have some of the wagon kits in little white boxes somewhere, but I will deal with those when I unpack them!! I do remember that they have no horses (lots of very fine parts/strips/rods but no horses), so you had to buy the horses separately...good marketing tool/model but annoying for the buyer, you can list the wagon kits at a cheap price then bump the cost of the order back up with horse packs!!!!

Known as 'Highway Miniatures' these images are of set B-2. There is no sign of the harness, but as it's an old kit I don't want to open it and I suspect the harness in wrapped-up in the instruction sheet. The two horses are injection moulded polystyrene in halves, and only the one pose.

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