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Friday, December 19, 2008

L is for Leyla

Layla is one of the older German makers, they were producing rail figures long before the war, and while these are post war, they are quite early, probably 1950's or the first half of the 1960's.

Slightly big for the continental HO scale, and as far as I know a complete set of DB (Deutsche Bahn) Rail platform and train dispatch staff, along with a refreshment seller.

The container with slide-off lid is original, however I had to replace the foam with a new piece, which fortunately I managed to match both by density of 'bubbles'/texture and depth of material. When I found these the original foam (a sort of fleshy yellow colour) had both melted and crumbled and everything was a rather sticky mess, however the mixture had not adhered to either the figures or the box and a few minutes in the sink with a bit of Fairy Liquid did the job.

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