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Friday, December 19, 2008

L is for Levi Strauss Jeanswear

This guy obviously came with a certain well known brand of trousers (or pants if you live the other side of the pond - I wear my pants under my trousers!), There is no sign of his having ever been a key-ring so I guess he was a stand alone figure. He may have been attached to the key chain through the stirrup though?

One of the problems with these intermediate sized figures (he's 45mm), is that they often start out as key-rings but get the loop pulled off or cut-off, indeed in the early days I used to cut them off myself, I have a nice 25mm Knight - also rubber - which I vandalised in just such a manor, I've never found another 'good' one!

Factory-painted PVC or vinyl rubber with 'Levi's' on the face of the plinth and 'jeans' on the reverse.

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