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Monday, December 22, 2008

M is also for MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This is our Christmas Tree, which was dressed by the lovely Mariya, and is offered-up as our Merry Christmas to all who visit this blog. I come from a family where the tradition has always been to dress the tree on Christmas Eve and take it down on 12th Night (6th Jan), however Mariya is Bulgarian and there they put-up the Thursday before Christmas, so I get to put it up earlier!!!! Bargain.

One of the other things I collect is old glass baubles, and below are a couple from the 'Gay' tree, we haven't put up the big tree, so only the Pinks get to come out this year!

The best Glass decorations come from Poland, Czechoslovakia and a small region of Germany, and we still have some original Polish ones from before the war (WWII) which my mother's family brought back from India in the late 1940's after my Grandfather relinquished command of the Indian Navy to his successor. The above is one of them, the one below was found in a box of mostly broken ones at a car-boot sale about two years ago.

Anyway, wishing you all the very best for the festive period, and may you have good fortune and much happiness in the coming year. If anyone would like to see something I haven't covered yet, do please ask, and if I've got it I'll post it.

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