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Saturday, December 20, 2008

M is also for Military Motorcycles

There are so many motorcycles it was hard to know where to start, so you're getting a few military ones first!

This is the Kettenkrad - not really a motorcycle! Rather a small tracked vehicle with handlebars. I think this is by Fujimi or Nitto (now the same company) but I can't remember. The Airfix para was painted by me in about 1980, and was always the last man standing in my Pontoon Bridge river crossing assaults! Thinking the older guys cut the bases off (with no evidence), I cut his off, which is why he ended up ankle deep in mud - if he wasn't he'd come off the stand!!

The Matchbox Motorcycle and side-car combination, built strait from the box (it was the only thing worth having from the box!) in it's three colours. I can't think of a single kit for which the two/three colour thing actually worked, but I guess if you were 10 and you 'planes wings were a different colour from the body you wouldn't be too bothered?

Roco-Minitanks little DR rider, you got two to a pack, this was painted when I was about 10, then repainted when I was about 13, I was more interested in my ACW!!

The US Harley is from Fujimi and I lost the windscreen so had to make a new one, this was only made a few years ago, and it's surprising how awful the painting looks in the harsh light of a digital camera.

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