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Saturday, December 20, 2008

M is for More Motorcycles

These are the early LEGO people, there is a motorcycle and side-car I haven't tracked down yet and two bicyclists I will save for another day, along with a small range of HO gauge vehicles.

My brother - who knows a thing or two about them - thinks the two in the middle of the top row (and the brown one) could pass for a DKW so below is my started attempt to convert one into a German WWII dispatch rider, by adding the torso of a Hasegawa artilleryman, handlebars and arms will follow one day...?

The next one shows two die-cast game playing pieces from old board-games, both are 'flats'.

The one in the foreground is quite common [2018 - Monopoly, post war sets] and comes in various colours with a Bulldozer, Airship and other means of transport, the rear one is less common. They probably date from the early 60's as prior to that, this type of playing piece was usually lead yet by the mid 70's most game's were using plastic for everything.

I'm pretty sure this little chap is very early Viking, they also produced little strips of break-off figures for railway layouts and such like. Size wise he is totally compatible with the LEGO and manufacturers like Roco and EKO.

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