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Saturday, December 20, 2008

M is still for Merit

This set also dates from the early days of Merit, although this one is in a later box. minimum clip-together construction leads to a charming little toy.

Wheels on the underside allowed for movement and a draw-string provided a link to the motive power; Junior!

Five pairs of animals were all Noah saved in the Merit universe! with three sharing identity with the previously covered circus set, there are however some differences suggesting a separate production line for each set.

Circus elephant on the left, Noah elephant on the right, note the repositioning of the trunk, this is found on all examples. The other difference is slightly more subtle, but a quick investigation of the underside shows the circus version of all three animals has the mould join-line in a different place, so they were new/different moulds.

Colours so far identified for both the sets. I must thank Mecator Trading for the two boxed sets presented here and in the previous post. They can be found here;


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