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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

N is also for Noel

Last post before we go away for a few days (should be back posting by next Monday), these are Christmas cake decorations, and - again - I have a whole load somewhere in the box marked 'Unknown, Cake Decs, Christmas', which is full to bursting, simply because I don't know a single manufacturer of plaster cake ornaments (Chalkware), and even if I did, there is little information and no catalogues to find. Although there must be 'trade' paperwork somewhere? I have managed to track down some Culpitts still in the bag, but these aren't they!

Hopefully somebody somewhere is working on a reference work for these...if not someone needs to!! I have a real soft spot for plaster figurines, the 'Snow Baby' should be white, but has soaked up molasses from the cake mix. This is the problem with plaster production, so many of them have discoloured or softened and crumbled over the years, while others have Royal Icing on, so hard, removing it is like trying to chip marble!

Wherever you are this Christmas, whatever you're doing, whoever you're with -

Have a good one. (And don't let the boss work you too hard!)

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