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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

P is for more Puzzles

The commonest puzzles seem to be those supplied to Kellogg's in the mid/late '60's, they being licenced from originals and easily available to pirates for endless copies.

These are the Wagon, the instruction sheet may be the Kellogg's one, but it came with the top - multi-coloured - wagon which is not Kellogg's so I doubt it. This is an early English one in some sort of phenolic plastic which is starting to distort. The rest are all soft polythene and at least one will be Kellogg's, however if you click on the image you will see they are all slightly different so trying to work out which one is which....?

Jeeps; These are probably all Kellogg's, they actually had two tranches a year or so apart, but they changed a couple of the items, there were six in each set giving 8 to look out for, always in soft plastic. It is my supposition that they were produced for them by either Cherilea or more probably Hilco, this is based purely on the plastic type and colours used. Whether either the supplier or Kellogg's had a licence/permission to copy them is open to question.

Merit Destroyer escorts three Kellogg's Liners, the Kellogg's give-aways were mostly equipped with a ring for a key-fob, again all these colours were used by Hillco!

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