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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

P is for still more Puzzles!

Continuing a theme...or tearing the arse out of it, depending on your point of view! The most sought after by collectors are those with a space connection, or the various weapons....

These would all appear to be by the same manufacturer, an unknown Hong Kong producer, the Robot and 'plane are both set-up as key-rings, the ray-gun is one of two designs I know of, while the Tommy-gun is damaged and glued (there should be a bit of the orange sticking out of the bottom and twistable), I do have a revolver but I will cover that when I look at the British manufacturers another time.

The Lorry on the left is a soft plastic Kellogg's one, the other is a hard plastic HK copy. Another design of Lorry has the long bonnet (hood) of a Volvo type truck. There are also several versions of car around.

These are by Peter Pan Playthings and Bell, the Elephant by Bell is in the same Phenolic plastic as the multi-coloured wagon in the previous post, hinting at the origin of the otherwise unmarked wagon (and unmarked instruction sheet). The Peter Pan toys are in Polystyrene - hard plastic, the motorcycle cop is about 35mm, the traditional ball puzzle is also a key-ring with plastic fob, not something designed to last much beyond Christmas day!

I will cover both these manufacturers and Merit in greater depth another day, but feel you've probably had you fill of puzzles for now!!!

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