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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Q is for Quadruple

Of course! What were you expecting? Quaker? Nah...I loaded them on my Imageshack account ages ago! I've had a quick look at the dictionary and there are several I can use and the South African Quadrupedal Quagger t'aint one of them!

So to give Flak cover to the Pz.Kfw.IV I posted the other day I knocked this up at the same time, it's the Esci kit with link-and-length track. The elevation mechanism works but it was a bugger to get right and I think this was connecting-rod No.3!!

Side skirts were cut from fine mesh, camouflage (from the mosQuito netting in the air-flaps of an Army marquee) was draped about and some sandbags placed on the front. Spare magazines were cut from a grooved 'washer' I cut from a thick sheet of Plasticard with a set of mariners dividers.

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