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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

H is for Hail to the Chief

Presentation flag - 502rd Infantry - Clay Alley, Berlin Brigade

So, Barack Obama is sworn in as the new President of the United States of America, He is - in my view - the last hope for the human race. A bit dramatic? It is my belief that if we don't sort out the despotic leadership of the Second and Third Worlds, clear-up the planet, cease our profligate ways in the First World and get a serious grip of the bankers and wankers who are really running the whole show within the next eight years, it will be to late to bother.

We have already pushed back all our recycling and emission targets, oil replacement technology seems to be a case of two steps forward and three back, and every time I buy something the layers of packaging have multiplied and increased in thickness, Free-market capitalism was bankrupted sometime in the autumn and we're letting them look for a 'New Capitalism' while taking their bonuses - if they've still got a job that is!!!!

So good luck Mr. president, you need it, you have a lot of your own hype to live up to, and we the people of this particular planet need you to live up to it.

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