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Monday, January 26, 2009

F is for Frozen Landscape

These shots were taken round the garden during the recent cold snap, we woke up one morning to find that freezing fog in the night had turned the universe (or our particular corner of it) as white as if it had been sprayed.

The wonderful Cedar of Lebanon, the photograph doesn't do justice to the majesty of it all dressed in white, with the first tips of Crocus and Daffodil poking up under the canopy. We have a real problem with squirrels digging them up so I planted some new ones the other day round one end of the bench.

The Holly down the main drive, it had been given a halo of ice on every leaf. Pruning and cutting back in this sort of weather has to take a bit of a back-seat, as you can't damage or kill the most hardy of shrubs without meaning to, although we did take out 80% of the leaf and 50% of the wood from a Laurel the other day, and gave two others a bit of a kicking!

Winter blossom with a frosting of Ice, the Roses looked really lovely with each spine or thorn having its own icy overcoat.

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