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Saturday, January 3, 2009

R is for Rogue Trooper

The G.I. or Genetic Infantryman was a fast talking, one-liner delivering, sardonic, cynical git with several pieces of fast talking, one-liner delivering, sardonic, cynical equipment! In short; My kind of people!!!!

Making his début in 2000AD comic so long ago it's beyond the capacity of my mind to remember when, but Google reveals it was 1981 3 or 4 years after 2000AD began.

This game was issued by Games Workshop, who sadly not only didn't expand the range, they couldn't even be bothered to design a second figure for the 'Traitor', so we get a 28mm figure for the (6) players' GI's and a 50mm card piece for the traitor.

It was a hybrid game, working on role-play with counter-based elements and card collecting to add to the over complicated rules, which probably point to one reason why it A) disappeared without much fuss, and B) turns up on eBay, mint or near-mint, for bugger-all money on a regular basis!!

The box lid has a fine piece of artwork, stirring the old nostalgia gene! Technically he was 'The' Rogue Trooper and his talking equipment contained the Bio-chips of his dead comrades, Venus Bluegenes was an occasional love-interest, lets have a model of her please!!


Anonymous said...

Love it - From plastic toys of the fifties and sixties through to Rogue Trooper - There were a few years when 2000 A.D. was pretty much essential reading and some serious talent was involved. Mind you, against The Victor it wouldn't stand a chance. : ) Paul Keough

Maverick Collecting said...

OOH, I don't know there, I think a decent copy of 2000AD from the early years was as good as any issue of Victor. They both had the odd duff story, but were mostly un-put-downable!

What I really like about this figure is the sculptor REALLY 'got' the horse-rider leg stance of a weary man carrying too much kit for too long!