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Friday, January 2, 2009

R is for Rawcliffe Pewter

These were produced some time ago and fit in very nicely with almost everything else being slightly larger than Airfix and slightly smaller than most 25mm (these days 28mm!) metal.

The range was not large, being designed for display a' la Franklin or Danbury Mint. The company is still going but these have not been issued for a while, although they do seem to re-issue items from their inventory from time to time, so they may well become available again one day - especially if they keep getting eMails requesting them...hint...hint!

Although I have tracked them down on the 'net, these are the only two I have managed to get hold of and I think they are both damaged, the pewter is also quite pure, so very soft.

Franklin Mint did a fantastic set of Wild West wagons which would go very well as part of a display with these, if you are a non-painter. They are mostly in these non-aggressive poses, but then they WERE non-aggressive until the White Man started killing them, raping their women and stealing their land (just watched Danceing With Wolves!).


Snickering Corpses said...

There certainly were non-aggressive tribes, but there were also plenty of tribes killing each other, stealing each other's land and raping each other's women before they met the white men.

Very nice figures though.

Maverick Collecting said...

Good point, well made. I was making a political and emotive comment on the doings of the white man rather than the actuality of everyday life for a stone-age people!!