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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

T is for Triang (or Tri-Ang)

Both are correct, both were used on packaging. Well...what have we here? Another of my favourites, that's what! The beauty of having your own blog!!! Triang Battle Space, the best range of trains anyone ever had to run round the living-room floor!

I couldn't find the correct rocket for the rocket-launchers, until I'd taken the photo's and put everything away, so here is the correct missile, I have no idea what the other (yellow) one was from!

These are early issues, when the items were stand alone rolling stock, 'Battle Space' had not yet arrived as a concept, the first aid wagon is - I think - a guards or parcel carriage with a new paint job.

The sniper who pops up and down due to the action of a track-side accessory on a counterweight under the wagon, the same mechanism was used for the giraffe of which this is a khaki version of the same wagon.

This is the sniper wagon (I'm missing the roof) and the exploding wagon, again a track-side gizmo tripped a switch and the whole thing blew sky high.

Finally the khaki rocket-launcher and the Command Car, this was nothing more complicated than the travelling post-office in military colours, it would pick up and drop off post-bags...sorry, secret dispatches!


WOTAN said...

isnt that yellow rocket of the Crescent rocket transporter set ?

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes it is, I had the truck in another box! I was still unpacking when I did these shots...