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Sunday, January 18, 2009

T is for more Tractors

While looking for the piece of rolling stock which seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, I kept coming across tractors and thinking "damn, I've just done them", anyway this evening I thought weeeellll...I've found all these tractors, lets put 'em up, only to find I'd hidden them all again!! But I dug out enough for one more post, so...

This is the Airfix tractor which comes with early issues of the Stirling Bomber, but was dropped from later boxes. I think it's complete as there seem only to be bomb-trolley parts left in the tub concerned (because it can take me 10 years to finish a 'Bright idea' I have little trays for each project), however the slot behind the seat is worrying me...and a seat would be on my list - if I was the driver!!

Hong Kong Copy of the Corgi 1:48 scale tractor, (similar to a Massey 135) with the most over the top coupling for the plough I've ever seen, it's a male/female spigot about 2cm high (behind the chair)!

Prieser Hanomag and two trailers, one metal and one wooden, also two sets of wheels allows you to crate up to 4 visually different wagons.

Tractor from the Blue Box copy 'Happy Farm', similar to some of those I posted the other day, but the rake-harrow is non-articulated. Close to 1:72 and bearing a passing resemblance to early John Deer designs.

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