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Monday, January 26, 2009

V is for Vemo

One of many European (mostly undocumented) HO/OO railway accessory manufacturers from the 50's before the likes of Busch/Noch/Preiser/Vollmer and Faller came to dominate the scenics market.

The parts laid out prior to assembly, this is a typical farm wagon from before the 1930's through to the 70's or later, and for an earlier period, the wheels could be replaced with spoked wooden ones. Likewise for a military unit the horse team could be replaced with a pair or a team of four.

It has a clip-together capacity, although for war-gaming or a diorama you'd want to glue it. I'm assuming it's a German firm, as it was bought in Herne at PB toys big show, however it could just as easily be Austrian or Swiss? Perhaps a European collector can throw more light on it?

Side-on view, the driver is a bit wooden and the horse doesn't look as if it has been bred for pulling! Then there is the 'Balloon' tyre question!!!! But for an early plastic kit, it's got real charm.

PS - No, I have no idea why everything's gone electric blue, when I go into the formating and change it back to pale blue, it says 'OK' and stays resolutely loud! [A fortnight later and it changes back all by itself!!]

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