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Thursday, February 5, 2009

And the Lord sayeth unto you; "Yey, thou art a gullible fool"

This is the little 'affirmation' sayings booklet that helps a 'born-again' Christian get through not a day but two whole months! Ahh...bless. Of course - to obtain it - money had to change hands on the steps of the temple...

It contains little sayings from the elders of the religion, bible quotes, modern language edits of the parables, dates in the ecumenical calender, that sort of thing, and it really helped some of them get through January and February of 2009...Great!

But what's this? It's been "...previously published 1996"? So the sayings from the little-baby-jesus that helped them through '96 are good for '09? This is no better than the Horoscopes in the tabloid rags.

These people simply aren't Homo Sapiens, they are Homo Almostsapiens, able to conform to the model of a human being while having less intelligence than a hungry squirrel (or even just a greedy squirrel!), after all they still believe in a Pan-dimensional Mega-being! And the people who preach to them, who sell them these booklets at the coffee mornings - charlatans!

One hopes that Selwyn Hughes and Mick Brook come to a sticky end...

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