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Thursday, February 5, 2009

W is for Wagons

Also missing back when I did 'H' (or was it 'J', I think I may have done the horse under Jordan ?), was the wagons by the same company, I knew I had a couple, and I knew I'd seen them in one of the moves, but...well, they've turned up so lets have a look at them;

The boxes, next to the horse I covered whenever....to look at them you'd think they were real back-street, after-market lead blobs from the 1970's, but inside the very nondescript exterior lie wonders to behold;

Two sprues of very well moulded, very fine work, one being the main body parts, the other being chassis and other bits in another colour, plus long pins to be cut to length for axles. These are closer to 1:87th than 1:76/2 but in a Wild West diorama would blend beautifully into a scene.

Also the instruction sheet is very comprehensive, with lots of drawings, a long description and detail sketches. If I ever get doubles of these I WILL make them up, no matter how old or rare they are!

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