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Thursday, February 5, 2009

W is for Weston

I have a suspicion these date from the late 1950's or early 1960's. They are factory painted metal and would have been competing with the Comet/Authenticast stuff. I think they are still in Walther's, but as unpainted castings, however, my Walther's box is still under a pile of Architecture and AFV boxes, so I can't check yet!!

If it wasn't for the very different code numbers on the back, this group look as if they go together, and as it is, certainly tell a little story; The guy on the left is off to play a few hands of late-night poker in the drawing-room car (he has those sleeve covers on, whatever they're for?) while his missus has been caught by the waiting staff with her PJ's on the floor and not a lot else to cover her modesty!!

The code on the rear of the pack. I do have some similar figures by Comet and another early US manufacturer, but - you guessed it - they're missing! When I find them I'll post them and cross reference with this entry.

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