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Thursday, February 5, 2009

W is for Wiking

Produced at about the same time as the Lego figures and the first appearance of Jouef's rather crude effort, these were at the budget end of the model railway figure market.

Coming in little strips of 4/6 items (depending on the size), you were to brake-off the figures when you got them home. Notice the man carrying a sack in the packet on the far right, he was pirated by EKO along with a few others.

A few of the vehicles by Wiking (pronounced "Viking") also include figures, and here we see the VW Beetle with two passengers and a Fork-lift operator. When collecting, certain items are always going to collect a premium, as more than one group collects it, both 'Bugs' and construction equipment have a second set of collectors and - with Wiking - you are fighting specific Wiking collectors as well!

Close-up of a complete strip, this is the 'standard' strip of 5 items, in this case a family group.

Footnote; some early publicity material and catalogues meant for the US market actually spell it 'Viking' as the Americans couldn't get used to the W/v differential! These were shipped to the US quite early and in some quantity, where they went head-to-head with the heavy-metal products of Comet/Authenticast - amoung others - for the 'Railroad' market.

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