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Friday, February 27, 2009

W is for still more Wagons

Some more horse-drawn stuff from the archive;

These two are the same, but one (yellow) came from a Hobbyplast 'sobres' envelope, the other came from a Montaplex envelope, an identical green one has fallen from a BuM carton, proving that before they got into their current low-grade, poor quality production and knock-offs, they were clearing the old Montaplex factory stock.

Various presentations of Preiser wagons, the 900 series were sold as kits, the 400 series were sold assembled and painted. The cattle-drawn wagon may well be Noch or Pola, or even Vollmer, as they have all used Preiser products to enhance their buildings or scenics, or just to improve their catalogues/ranges.

This shows Hong Kong copies of Preiser wagons and another view of the Preiser/Noch (?) cattle-draw hay wagon. The hay wagon - less load, and the small wagon in the middle along with the one in the foreground are all issued by Prieser, most recently in the big sprued set 'rural workers', the HK piracy's are of equal quality, but marked 'Made in Hong Kong'.

Finally - revenge of the headless coachman! One of the early separate/press-on horse wagons, from 'W.Germany' (probably Manurba). I will cover the rest of the Manurba/Manurba-type wagons later.

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