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Saturday, February 28, 2009

W is for Wagons by Kleeware!

The pictures can pretty much tell the story;

As well as these two kit sets, they also came singly (see below) and in fours, they were also used in plain packets as breakfast cereal and other premiums, both in the packs (cereal) and as mail-aways (boys comics).

Ox-drawn wagon, this holds its own against both the Airfix and Atlantic wagons, but predates them by some time.

The similarity between these very small scale and the 1:48/30mm kits by Life-Like/Revell are obvious in this photograph. Note also the difference in scale between the covered wagon and the coronation coach. The common colours are black and brown, which wouldn't register well against the chosen background, I have a whole covered wagon , so will make-up this blue one and scratch-build the missing mud-guard,

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