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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Wildlife

I've seen Earwigs in Autumn apples, but this was buried deep inside a pine-cone from the Cedar of Lebanon which lost a branch in the recent heavy snow. I was crushing the cones in my hand to break them down for the compost heap when low and behold, the twin pincer of an Earwig!

Ratty raiding the bird-table, when I rap on the window, he feigns fright, leaps of the platform, climbs down to this little step waits a few seconds and then - when death fails to become an immediate likelihood - climbs back up again! What with the fox, the poor birds are getting a raw deal from this table...

Not sure if this was happy being woken in the middle of winter, he/she...it? was hiding in the moss I've been clearing from the Tennis Court, I suspect a moth rather than a butterfly, just by the time of year, anybody recognise it?

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