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Monday, February 16, 2009

Z is for Zang

One of the 'Holy Grails' of not just small scale collectors, but all toy soldier collectors. Before they went into plastic injection moulding, Zang experimented with European style composition, supplying Timpo with 40mm and 54mm figures to accompany their lead aeroplanes and slush-cast civilian vehicles in boxed sets.

The figure in question is a 30mm Highland Infantryman in Khaki dress with a red kilt, I have seen them with green kilts. Mine was broken across the ankles, and in order to glue him as invisibly as possible without using super-glue which leaves a tell-tale pale white 'scar', I bled liquid styrene glue into the open ends of the ankles and rifle, and then used a thinned-down household clear spirit-based glue (Bostic - I think) to hold the pieces together, which seems to have worked as it was several years ago and he's still in one piece!

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