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Monday, March 30, 2009

T is for T34 - Prolog; The Real Things

In advance of an article I'm holding over for a few days; these were taken at Beltring last summer at the War and Peace show.

Both T34/85's there's not much else to add. The upper one is a 'Gate Guardian' at Beltring, and wasn't moving anywhere in a hurry, the lower one is a runner, and once I work out how to upload video, I'll post some video footage of it to Youtube!

Note the damage to the rubber tyres and the three different wheel types. The vehicle behind is the FV432/B, a standard 432 Trojan with the top-heavy addition of the 30mm Raden turret from a Fox armoured car. This failed experiment was supplied (surplused!) to Berlin Brigade Where they were furnished with a fetching camouflage of chocolate-brown, battleship-grey and creamy-white interlocking irregular rectangles, not the green of this example.

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