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Monday, March 30, 2009

T is for Torres

Miguel Torres to be precise, maker of fine Spanish wine and sherry, but in order to make it a post worth viewing, there are a few others...

Above are the poses I've found so far, I'm sure there are more, each time the mould wears out - a new one being made. The Gold colour variant is probably for a premier product, in the same way that Scot's Scotch over the years has been issued with premiums of horses or Scottie dogs tying in with their 'Red Label', White Label or Black label, home/export brands etc...Pointing to the possibility of all the poses being found in Gold - eventually!

Top left is a hard plastic bull I am assuming is an earlier (1930's/1950's?) version of the Torres drinks bull, perhaps one of the Spanish followers of this blog can help?

Then the Airfix and Matchbox bulls as a size guide, with the brown bull belonging to the yellow and red guy below. I have been told he is Kinder, but this is clearly nonsense, he is marked Hong Kong, as is his Matador and a small magnet hidden behind the red cloth and within the body of the bull puts them firmly in the Joke Shop novelty 'pigeon-hole' along with the kissing teenagers, or the Stag Toy nudes who will only get out of a bath or bed if you flick them in a certain way.

The rest of the bottom row shows a polythene Torres to compare with the hard plastic one above, a Kinder Matador and a soft vinyl-rubber bull similar to the bulls produced in 54mm by Charbens and Cherilea (not to mention most - if not all of - the Spanish plastics guys), I guess he's modern HK/Chinese production for the Spanish tourist market, I have yet to find his Matador.


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