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Saturday, March 28, 2009

T is for Truck Part 3; Airfix Readymade

How to recognise a diamond in the dirt, the Airfix ethylene 6x6 (called the 'poly' range by some, or more commonly the 'readymade' range) came in two separate versions, first the Attack Force one, then a cruder one in the redesigned range. There are always a few kicking around the bring-&-buy, but finding the earlier, better one needs a closer look...

1st version on the left, points to note; Cleaner cab lines, clearer rivet bumps on bonnet/hood, winch with rope not an accordion! and a grill over the headlights and radiator.

1st version on the right, points to note; diamond-plate on the foot-step/running board.

1st version underneath, points to note; 2nd version is shorter, 1st has rivet detail on the drop-sides, straps round the fuel tank, and a fuel filler cap.

1st version above, points to note; on the 1st version the tyres have a rounder profile and deeper tread, the dual-wheels are thinner and both the body and tilt are numbered. This also shows the difference in length between the two.

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