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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

V is for Volkseigener Betrieb (VEB) Part 6; Wheeled Metal

BTR 40P-3, equipped with Snapper ATGM (NATO designation), in E. German service this was an SPW 40 PAL-Raketen. As shown above, early ones were given a black mounting in the factory and had the transfers applied, later ones were left silver and issued with THE sheet of markings.

Note the richer olive of the earlier issue.

BTR 60PB APC, with behind the earlier BTR 60P by Roskopf. Roco never did a '60, so I've shown their Sd.Kfz. 234 Puma instead as a vague guide to size (at 6 meters the Puma should be smaller than a BTR's 7.5 meters). For those interested and new to the hobby, the BTR 60PA was a '60P with a metal roof and no turret.

Digressing for a moment; this has always been one of my favourite AFV's. when I was a kid I dreamt of one day having a Alvis Scaracen on the drive, until I discovered in latter life, that they were in fact, top-heavy, small-arms fire liabilities that could 'wind-up' their axles on prolonged road journeys and come to a grinding halt! But BTR 60's, oh boy! the late versions, low-slung, ballistic boats, amphibious, HMG turret, variable self-pressurising wheels....in the last few years they've gone '70, '80 and now BTR 90 (which visually doesn't look so good?) take one of these down the town hall and ask them to re-appraise your planning application!!

BRDM 1 recce. vehicle. Years ago I was taught Soviet recognition by a member of the Belgian SAS, who used to say BRDM in such a distinctive fashion, I hear his voice every time I see the abbreviation, he sort of said Beerdiem, in a low baritone like Santa!

Note also the final colour issued (nearest in the photo) matches the little Matchbox 1-75 series military vehicles tone-for-tone!! The BTR 40 is - of course - a beerdiem underneath.

Well, that's everything I know about this group (or; group of group) of companies. I have a few of the military one's to swap, and will happily swap one-for-one for equally rare or unusual AFV's. I'm particularly after those Plasticart trucks not illustrated above, but will swap for Banner/Pyro/Wannatoys type things, the HK Playart type stuff or Polistil plastics. eMail me...I also have a few of the Vauxhall/Opel's if they are any use to anyone?

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