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Monday, March 9, 2009

V is for Votoms

These turned up in a mixed lot the other month, modern production tied-in to a Japanese Animé cartoon, they are tiny; about N Guage!!

I haven't the faintest idea what any of them are called or who is on which 'side', but they get their own tub in the collection as a piece of the picture of overall toy figure production...Photographed on a 'moon-base' that I suspect came with a Kit as part of the stand for a space ship, or the base of some kids scientific educational toy type thing? Anyone recognise it?

This is clearly a recovery/robot launch vehicle of some kind, with a hook-equipped hydraulic lifting-arm and flat-bed. I side-lit with a red bicycle lamp to give an effect of far-off battle. Click on the photo and tell me the guy in the right foreground isn't sulking because the robot lost an arm and a leg!!

These are the robots, or; are they battle suits? Something that looks like a Gundam anyway (and; No, I don't know what a Gundam is either!!). Anyone tempted to rush out and buy some would be advised to glue them, as otherwise they will keep falling apart, and with most parts smaller than a 1:76 figure, they are easily lost (still - it gives the recovery vehicle a purpose!!).

I love the elephant-eared gun-platform!! There's another one in grey. Made by Takara, they are here photographed with an HK copy of the Matchbox US flame-thrower for scale.

Votoms - Wikipedia

[Now I know more than I needed to!]

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