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Friday, November 20, 2009

F is for Feudal

I've been after this for years and was really pleased to pick one up at the Plastic Warrior show in Richmond last May (I've been off-line for a while!), only problem is...this is a German edition so I'm in need of an English instruction sheet or copy thereof, should anyone be able to help.

Six players seem (?) to fight for two empires or forts?, each player having a different coloured army. Made originally by 3M in the states in the mid 1960's it was later reissued by Avalon Hill, and was certainly still available in the late 70's as I eyed it in wonder on more than one occasion!

A complete set of figure poses with two standing on the fort, the tall post things visible in the previous image (click over it to enlarge) are the 'slots' for the board divider helping the two 'Teams' (?) to set up with an element of surprise a'la Battleships.

Colour variants are inevitable with a large, international or long production run and a few are shown here. Once you've found a good set, you can start removing the studs from the figures you've built up over the years. In front of the fold-out game board you can see I've started this process!

Comparison shot between the Revell Norman and one of the Feudal pieces, there's not much in it and a paint job would lessen the difference even more.

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