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Friday, November 20, 2009

News, views etc..

Hi all, thanks for your patience, I'm back now and hopefully equipped with a more reliable PC, so regular updates.

Kicking off with something I've been after for years, and more goodies to follow, I had a similar find at Dave Mckena's Birmingham show the other day.

Paul at Plastic Warrior was hoping to get a One Inch Warrior out before Christmas, I'll keep you posted on that, in the meantime PW itself has covered a lot of flats recently including some in the smaller sizes, so if you aren't a subscriber, can I suggest a visit to the PW website.

I'm not going to make Herne this year, but it's only a week or so away now - Check PB's website, link to right somewhere.

I'll be eMailing those I need to in the next few days, so bare with me on that one.

And keep an eye down the page as I might even get the T34 stuff published!


Paul said...

Hi Hugh, thanks for the kudos,but I think its Al from 20th Century Wargaming who is looking after you.

Good to have you back all the same!!

Maverick Collecting said...

Ha Ha Ha....lost in cyberspace! I meant Paul Morehead at Plastic Warrior magazine!!!! He's hoping to get issue 12 of the small scale offshoot out before Christmas...and who's Al?