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Sunday, November 22, 2009

W is for more Wagons

A lazy post of what amounts to horse-drawn porn! These are the display cabinets I had in storage, and couldn't find when I covered wagons a year ago and there are some nice ones among them. I'd love to put a manufacturers name to the spot-welded steel AA gun in the first cabinet, anybody got an idea?

Click on the images, and then click again to get them really enlarged and scroll with the arrow keys. This over-lettering is an additional feature of the new Picasa, which I didn't have on my old laptop, I'd recommend it as a download to anyone trying to impart information/knowledge via the Internet. They are a bit fuzzy round the edges, but the 'macro' feature need to be used close up to really enhance images, while I had to take these from about 3 feet back to get each cabinet in!

The cabinets are a standard unit from IKEA and cost a few pounds, I've picked mine up at car-boot sales for 50p, 50p and 20p over the last few years! They are just too small to display wargameing horse-drawn stuff, or 4 horsed Hong Kong bits. I will get round to painting the other two mauve and pale herb-green to match the yellow one.