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Thursday, December 17, 2009

F is for Festival Part 2

The bulk of Festival's range was aimed squarely at cake decoration, and the vast majority of that seems to have been Christmas cakes, here are more seasonal offerings, all marked with the festival brand. The stag has been much copied over the years, one enterprising HK producer even making a reverse image. Hard styrene copies of the snowman are common.

The wagon is a recent eBay acquisition and prompted these articles, the little 'Queen' has a locating stud in her back and is probably a fairy sans-wings. Cupid was presumably aimed at budget wedding cakes, while the hard plastic robins seem to have been bought in from HK, indeed the log appears to have been designed to take an already common stand-alone feature of Crimbo-cake decorating since the pre-war days of imported highly toxic lead decorations from German catering suppliers.

Festival were also responsible for a lot of the miniature candle holders that were such a feature of our - certainly my - childhood. Here are a couple of sets still in the packs. The logo on the trains is the mark visible on the bases of all the non HK figures & undersides of the sledges in the above two posts. I would like to point out that the trains my brother and I had were the same as the cars, NOT pink!!

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