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Thursday, December 31, 2009

H is for Hong Kong Copies of the Britains Lilliput Trooscale Figures

I have dozens of these old HK carded sets, but thought I'd put up a couple of 'typical' examples, just to finish this sequence on Britains Lilliput Khaki Infantry.

Early sets tend to have smaller figures with more 'extras' - in this case Marx/Blue Box bunkers, a micro-scale clip together wharf, bridge ("One at a time please!") and tank traps. The micro-scale armoured cars go so well with the 54mm barbed wire?

Later, larger figures probably taken from the Britains 54mm originals, these figures often come with similar copies of the Crescent 8th Army/Desert Infantry.

Close-up showing the glossy appearance of these figures, and poor detail, some miss whole limbs or body parts, these date from the mid-late 1970's, the beach-assault from the '60's.


Mad Carew said...

The beach assault is wonderful! I remember those little armoured cars! fantastic

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks, as one of the few people who bothers to comment - watch this space and I'll cover it and it's brothers for you in the next day or two...

...requests taken!!

Happy New Year!

Jorge P. Freitas said...

Your fabulous blog is a box of surprises! I still have one or two of these cheap little soldiers, from a set my parents bought me around 1966 or 1967 in Mozambique! They are diluted in the huge collection of Airfix and Matchbox figures I started to gather years later as a teenager, and that I still preserve today.

Maverick Collecting said...

The reason I collect the Hong Kong stuff today has - I'm sure - got a lot to do with the fact that I had a few mixed into my 'Airfix' tin (a big old Army bulk-biscuit tin which was about a foot square 0.3 m2, but had a circular hole in it just big enough to get you hand in...and then cut it on the way out!), I think I've tracked down everything I had as kid except the yellow copies of Blue Box U.S.Marines, where I used to have a whole load, but have only tracked down a handful!