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Saturday, December 12, 2009

O is for Other Things (LP part 2)

Tying up a few loose ends, with LP and others, the aim will be to rename the last few and next few posts so that they are in some sort of order and can be found together in the future.

These are all 6 poses of the Robots in small scale (25mm), with slight variants, the gunmetal being soft ethylene, the chromium-plated one's like their 54mm brethren are a hard styrene, most a neutral grayish, but the lower fat one can be seen to be an emerald green under the chrome. The lower 'biker' is yet another unfinished project of mine, undercoat and mapping pen highlights wait for a blue (Police?) wash and tyres, while the upper fish head seems to have factory painted eyes?

These astronauts are unmarked, but the base is very similar to the LP marked Robots and both were still being sold from cake decorating display stands in the late 1990's, so inclusion here is guaranteed, there are only the two poses.

These divers are also marked LP and were probably sold as fish-tank decoration as well as for cakes. I don't know if this was all of them, and they (LP) are probably responsible for some of the older sharks and octopii that turn up in mixed lots from time to time?

Two more marked LP, now, Culpitts carried the astronauts by LP, but tended to move Gemodels product when it came sports and pastime figures, or the HK copies of same. Were these released in direct competition with one of their main clients, or did Culpitts carry these as well? And...How many more were there in this set/series, 6/8?

Both these and the divers are approximately 45mm, polyethylene.

A colour variation that came to light courtesy of wishes to remain annonymous, paint remains show a common scheme of green base, blue belt and gold helmet.

A Mikephil carded set, these are standard marked figures, the vehicles are very similar to the ones below, but slightly different, slightly more detailed/complicated. Of interest; they are not vehicles issued with Spacex or Golden Astronauts. Roco give up their Pz.IV, or at least the chassis again!

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