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Friday, December 11, 2009

P is for Pirates (LP part 3)

Because all the HK guys were centred on the same region of the colony, when they did produce unique designs - not often but it did happen occasionally - they would immediately be copied by all their rivals, so dozens of piracy's exist; Blue Box suffer from a lot of copying, these LP figures, Corgi's late figure production and so on.

Here we have a white figure almost the same size as the 54mm originals, but with a hollowed out base, either side of him some unmarked silver figures around 45mm with similar but slightly heavier moldings in the same size but multi-coloured above.

The bottom row from left to right; quite accurate copies of the small scale figures, then a very heavy-set chap in silver, and an intermediate bunch to finish. All - again - unmarked, all around 25mm.

The figures in this 'Acrobatic Team' carded set are marked with a small 'HONG KONG' as are the 'planes, I particularly like these aircraft, as while being based on 1950/60's Cold War machines, they could - with a bit of paint - pass for 'Atmosphere Craft' of the Trigan Empire or some of their allies or enemies.

Now why has no one exploited that franchise!? The loose craft bottom right is a moulding failure, but with such symmetry to the missing wing-tips, he makes a whole new variant!

Silicone rubber window stick-ons of the robots

Some vehicles that have accompanied some of the lots the above figures came in, they may or may not be connected, wheels are very like some Blue Box wheels? The pilots are straight copies of the pilots from the Triang Spacex range.

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