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Sunday, January 3, 2010

B is for Bit and Pieces

Another lazy post, a few more images from the archive, time waits for no man and I've been doing other things today!

First up a couple of 40mm Elastolin Roman Cavalry, my favorite sculpts from this manufacturer, no matter how 'inaccurate' the rivet counters may hold them, they were toys - in their day - and bloody good ones!

Montaplex Sioux Indians from Spain, the packet looking as old as it is, the figure sprues looking like they left a plastics factory in Kent at six o'clock this morning! Airfix piracy's of course!

Hong Kong Bendy Toys of Cowboys and Indians, these are about 60mm, and were sold flattish, to get them all in the box.

Hat variations on the Britains 'Detail' Royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP).

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