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Monday, January 4, 2010

C is for Culpitt's Cake Decorations of Cowboys and Indians

Going through the archive for 'lazy-post' last night I found this, which was going to be my next post when the Laptop crashed back in April, so here it is!

Sold by Culpitt's in the UK, these were made in Hong Kong, first with separate bases and 8 (?) poses, then with moulded on bases and only 4 poses. The "8 (?)" is because there seems to be an Indian missing, this may be because he/she is actually an it! I.E. it may be a Tee-pee, camp fire or Totem pole. in which case it's somewhere else in the collection (I hope!), does anybody know who/what the missing 8th piece is...if it's missing.

Other rows/columns are colour variants. The based ones are quite common, the older one's are getting harder to find. [These were produced/issued in Portugal in cans of Toddy chocolate powder, thanks to Jorge Freitas for that, see; Comments.]


Jorge P. Freitas said...

I had some of these figures when I was a kid, in the early 1970s. Here in Portugal they came as an offer inside the cans of "Toddy", a brand of chocolate powder (to mix with milk)!

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks for that Jorge, it's always useful to discover what they were issued with in other parts of the world.

Were yours the seperate-based set (in which case do you know if one piece is missing?!) or the moulded-on bases?

Jorge P. Freitas said...

I think they were of the separated-based kind, but I am not certain. Unlike the cheap Hong Kong-made soldiers (see my comment elsewhere), no figure of this collection survived the ravage of time...

Maverick Collecting said...

Well thanks for you comments anyway, perhaps someone else will know...pass the word!!

culpitt said...

Hi, A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog. Culpitt's cake decorations was my family business from 1921 to 1999.

My Dad was in charge in the 1970's and I remember having some on a birthday cake when I was a kid. Dad is no longer with us, but the man who was the head of Marketing lives just up the road from me so I've sent him a link for old-time's sake! I'd never have thought someone would regard these as collectible!

Maverick Collecting said...

Thank's, They are of importance to collectors more for their conections with UK firms like Gemodels and Festival than the HK producers, but all info. recieved add to the bigger picture. I've eMailed you seperately...

Jorge said...

I've found them!!
Three of these figures I thought lost for ever!
Tipically, I was searching for much different objects in my garage, when I found a box full of old miniatures and... BINGO!
They were of the separate-base type. Do you want pics of them?

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes Jorge, I'd love to see them, eMail them to my hotmail account;