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Sunday, January 10, 2010

H is for Havok by Bluebird Toys, Figures & Figure Sets

This is how they came from Argos, two random packets, in this case Nexus Tribunes and Pteravore Razors.

Here we see most of the units fielded by the Nexus, less those shown in the previous post. Front L-R are three members of the Brotherhood and - baseless - a Doomguard. Middle row shows the three Kinsmen and three Nexus Troopers, sans bases. The rear row has the Tribunes on the left and Assault Troops on the right.

The Nexus were supposed to get two larger vehicles; a Mauler light-attack tank and a Hammer heavy-assault tank, I don't believe either ever made it to market? The Hammer sharing a code number (N-09) with the Storm-trooper set, it's a fair bet they weren't issued either!

The Karn present themselves, again from to back, Left to right; Klan Warriors, two un-based Kai-unes and three Karn Troopers with behind them; a set of Borkian Mercenaries and two Suma-kai, again without bases.

Most sets have 'detailing' stickers on weapons, shields or - in this case - wings, these seem to have been applied before final sale to end-user. The karn also have 'lost' units; Glaive Riders (share a code with the Banshee Thopters) and Heavy Weapons.

Final Army/Race was the Pteravore, and the only set I've found are the Razors. Two further sets had army/points cards included in the battle set; P-02 'Screamers' and P-03 'Hell Hounds', I suspect that they were never issued.

Inset photo shows the base types/designs I've yet to identify/allocate to a specific set, and any help given with be gratefully received/acknowledged.

I've managed to identify some bases from the two mint sets and the play-set, most of the rest are around 70% sure, the baseless ones are probably those in the inset, as to the green ones? The stickers were placed in the factory, so both the green ones and some black ones I have without bases might be for the 'Thopters' or something?

Note; Because some other sets share numbers, it may be that those figures with a vehicle code accompanied that vehicle (packaging-wise?) or were destined to?


Consul said...

I had this when I was a kid! I got the set and I seem to remember it had all these cards which showed the other race you talked about but couldn't get hold of them anywhere!

I think we only played one battle using the rules the rest of the time we just played with them like any normal toy soldier.

Maverick Collecting said...

By some bit of good luck, I managed to move the original post up one place and re-write this without looseing you comment! You'll see I have now put up most of the figures...phew!

Rob_Jedi said...

I grabbed a bunch of these years ago. There was indeed a heavy tank kit as well as a set of 2 sort of attack choppers and large mechs like Dreadnoughts. I still have them all somewhere. Don't recall ever seeing a light tank.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Rob, when I get a bit of 'me' time I'll link to your blog, like the scenics!

Anonymous said...

There was a light tank, the Mauler, which had a stubby Gun, like a tankette version of a Jagdpaner.