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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

P is for Polly Pocket (and Mighty Max) by Bluebird Toys

Mighty Max followed the success of Polly pocket and was clearly aimed at the male members of the household, in little (and bigger playsets) fold away pocket sized mini-sets, usually containing one MM figure and one or two 'interaction' pieces, a monster and a piece of equipment, they followed the model forged by PP.

I don't really collect these, and although they do turn up in job-lots, I don't keep the playsets, so can only show them by year, these are all marked 1992.

This is the 1994 marked batch, with a bigger accessory or two, the guy top left looks like one of the 'Small Soldier' characters, and with Bluebird working with Galoob at one point, it may be from another product range?

Upper photo shows the 1993 marked figures from MM, again with the 'Small Soldier' lookie-likey, below them is what little Polly Pocket has come in over the last 20 years and YES, it is too much! [Still no duck - you know who you are!]

Undated BBT (Bluebird Toys) figures


Ryan said...

As a BIG fan of Mighty Max (my 2nd favourite toyline ever), I believe I can help you out here: The figure you refer to as a Small Soldiers tie-in is nothing of the sort - his name is Norman, and was introduced in the cartoon spin-off as Max's guardian. He found his way into the playsets produced after the cartoon's debut.

The figures in the bottom picture are MOSTLY from Mighty Max sets, with the exception of the ones middle- and right-top row, one of whom is a Marvel villain. Don't know who the other one is though.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Ryan, all grist to the mill and I'll update the records! H