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Monday, March 15, 2010

C is for Cacti; A - F

Along with my side collection of Totem Poles, which I looked at soon after starting this blog, I've also had a side collection of Cacti for the same reason, scale, there is no scale to cacti, and some can - in the wild - grow to be much bigger than human beings, where cacti have been specifically produced for small scale figures (Marx, Pegasus) they are poxy little things I haven't bothered to post here!

Late HK for Britains 'Herald', Styrene glued into a base, two designs, flat, with detail on the obverse only. Also HK copies by two companies; larger first generation and smaller second generation piracy. The pirates have detail on both sides though!

A selection of Cherilea cacti - three to the left, with HK copies to the right, both the original and the copies of the left hand one look like pond weed!

Two by Comansi/Novalinea on the left and one on the right which could be a European copy, but is more likely to be yet another HK rip-off?

Crescent's effort (first three pairs) then two HK pairs and some singles. The whole point of this one WAS to split it in two with a craft knife, but you rarely find Crescent originals so divided.

All these will be much clearer if you left click on the images.