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Monday, March 15, 2010

C is for Cacti; G - Z

Missing from these posts are the Playmobile cactus, which is huge, and in two parts, I have a top half which I will base one day and what passes for a cactus from Lego, which was first issued with the underwater sets and then as a tropical plant in a Star Wars / Naboo set, it's a sort of four-fingered thing which can approximate a cactus! On with the tour...

Left to right - Gemodels, Manurba, Quick and two HK copies of the Quick version. Gem did make several cacti but so far the others have eluded me!

A selection of the Timpo cacti, with various base styles and plastic colours. The small one in the middle was made in the darker green, but rarely turns up, also the left hand one of the two has the thin hollow base which is quite unusual.

Left to right again; Plasty/Airfix, an unknown one which sneaked into this photo? Starlux, Una. The last three, being the same design as the marked Una one will be Kentoys, Speedwell or VP, but your guess is as good as mine as to which is which!

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