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Thursday, March 25, 2010

D is for DGC (Dave Grossman Creations)

In 1992 Cameo Guild Studios produced these five figures for Dave Grossman, as part of an annual issue of small scale figures taking scenes from Gone With The Wind.

By volume they are 99.98% packaging, but as mail-away or gift-shop 'collectables' the buyer needs to be psychologically convinced their 'carfully crafted' (lump of painted war games lead) unique (vaguely limited production) 'Figurine' (figure) is worth every dollar and dime!

The scene setting of the first figure issue was Scarlet being admonished on the steps of the family home for not wearing a winter dress or something - what? you think I've ever watched this overblown ca ca! There was some hideously expensive piece of poured resin (another cheap technology) building called 'Tara' to display the figures, which are a nice 30/32mm and would enhance any 28-35mm ACW war game.

Left-to-right; Scarlett, her Father Gerald, Sister Ellen and the slaves Mama and Pork.

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